Welcome to another episode what’s in the box sponsored by the accessorygeeks.com. I am Max and Mario.And we are here with another mystery product From the accessorygeeks.com . Our sponsors have sent is of daily product everyday for the last week so . So we are gonna keep the product still on showing.You will be open the box as usual. This is my previlege for being on the show.I love opening new product and today we have oops who got this as always as in warm pink one. As always as one pink one for me,I have seen the trendous catching on. This the scosche thudbud .. have actually heard this brand as i have seen its pretty good. Can wait to actually tested ehm you wanna open one. Sure Do you have in the box ? yap Allright I’ll take my scissors .. While she’s doing that .. so This particular headset comes with Small, Medium and Large comfort fit silicon. So right there you can see three different options and It has full range of accoustic reproduction and it fits for most audio players with 3.5 jack which means either Iphone 3,iPhone3GS, the first iPhone, Iphone 4, Verizon iPhone4 basically anything MP3 players,or i don’t know like T-Mobile G2 It fits anything that has a 3.5 mm jack . And max here .. already destroy everything … I destroy it.. ehm is it come with a sweet little maxine size ear bud. So .. This is a special treat if you are small I am and you have tiny ears cause normal headbud or headphones and earbuds .. regular earbuds don’t actually fit my ear. So the standar Ipod Headphones that you get or standar Iphone earbuds that you get .. they dont fit me .. so its always depressing to my music so but the music is constantly fell out. but this will fit ity bitty ears like mine. Since we dont wanna mess around with the other ones .. with the other earbuds .. we’re gonna try with my ears cause they fit his. There it is ..Yeah dont worry … just plug that in … and …Theres no different with left or right which I am .. uff .. One thing I notice about this .. Theres no different with left and right . if your audio feel that you like to know which part is left and right like me … that part is missing so I am just gonna plug it to any ear right now to test it out. And we are going to a …. I am gonna graduate the volume and see just how much Mario can take .. so he figures it out how to get them in the ears. It is still too short .. so I just have to open this .. why dont you just open it? Their ours ….. still not doing anything .. you have to pull apart… allright here we go .. slowing. Oh my God its Eye of Tiger … and actually has .. you know noise isolation.. I Think I am speaking louder and louder as Max putting the volume loud .. he cant hear it … Mario is monkey bud …I cant hear anything right now. Mario is monkey bud .. wanna share with the class.. he can hear me .. Yeah.. You can turn it down now. From what I am tested … The bass quality is actually pretty good considering that I believe Max didnt say equalizer to anything .. its the standart .. yep… the bass is actually pretty good and not noise cancellation but noise isolation where since you put these on your ear like you cant hear anything out. I mean I am pretty sure Max is probably talking bad about me ya .. But its actually pretty good. Thudbud actually goes for $99 each .. not bad for headset ..yes..especially with noise isolation like this and look how loud this is and its actually pretty comfortable. I am pretty sure people will using in the Gym or something .. I dont know.. It fit snuggly ofcourse you might wanna change different earbuds depending on the size of the ears. The medium one fit my ear very well .. It fits pretty comfortable. And its very comparable to like expensive headset for $99 its a very good choice. Very nice and as usual accessorygeeks.com has sent us something special for a commentary below …so one random commentor will receive a coupon or a price from accessorygeeks.com .. All you do is leave a comment below. You can leave as many as you like to increase your chance of winning . Well I think that wrap our show for today … I am Max and Mario and we Got it from a geek.