Welcome to another episode of What’s in the box, sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. i’m Max, Mario and we have another mistery surprise from our sponsor accessorygeeks.com. so let’s check what’s in the box, let’s see what’s in the box! And apparently i didn’t get the memo but it’s stripe day at work. Thanx mario i just notice. Wew what is this? Another scosche item the Scosche FlipSync. Oh ok scosche if you guys watch our episode yesterday we just review a pair of headsets from this guys. And they were pretty amazing so i expect nothing les from this. Let me try to open it,ok cause you’re gonna wreck the box. I’m not gonna wreck the box! Ok it’s the scosche FlipSync and apparently acording to iLuv.com this is the best of the scosche finalys. And it goes on your keychain, so i have my little keys here. Let’s see while she’s playing with that i’m gonna explain to you what this actually does. It’s basicly a charge and the sync cable for the iPod and iPhone. Unfortunely it’s not work with the iPad. We test it out before that and i think the difference between this and any other charger sync cable, see i told you she’s gonna wreck that box right?! But ok the difference is you can actually…there’s a rectractable cable on it. And you can also, i can’t wait for cristmas i just can’t wait to get it out. You can also make it look like a keychain. Max is actually the show, so there’s a little USB port. And you can plug that in,,,and then here’s the apple and you can pull that bud and tuck! Wow it’s really snug. And it like that and it’s looks like a Fob for your keychain. You can just put it back anywhere including on your laptop, your PC or Mac you can also..if you have an adapter USB adapter for your car plug you can just displayed there and charge your phone. It’s really handy especialy if you don’t want to carry around when that long length cable with and you just want to have this on the go and not something that just hanging araound in your back pack, pocket or purse. So…since you got your phone here, you want to try just plug it in to see if its fit? Yeah ofcourse, so i take my little port and i’m gonna plug it in to my phone and viola! Fits like any kinda iPhone port. One think that i don’t really like about this, i’m hoiste to do negative one by doing this review. One thing that i really don’t like about this is the cable is super short. It’s not retractable it’s only sharing about 3inchs of cable this is. Yes i understand this is very portable, if they can make this into a retractable cable longer i believe it would be better. But either way it’s pretty nifty little item. How much is this? Uuh i believe this goes for $19.99 at accessorygeeks.com, and as always you can get 10% off using youtube subsciber coupon and free shipping. You can’t go wrong there. And also as always i think accessorygeeks gives us a special price.right! our comantor can leave their comments below and one lucky commentor who doesn’t drop their boxes so mario explain it. Will win a special price coupon code or even a gift card we never exactly know what it is until we get until we get it. So just leave your comment down bellow, one lucky winner we’ll send you price. And that wraps it for today i’m Max, Mario and we got it from a geek.