Welcome to the episode what’s in the box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m Max and Mario.. we’re here with another mystery product from accessorygeeks.com. So as always we’ll be popping this open… my favorite time of the day.. It’s my favorite time too. It’s another headset by Scosche. Woww it’s a scoche week today.. alright.. so it looks like this scosche product is actually made for answering and ending .. yup answering and ending calls right? Answer end button I still not a awake. I’m gonna try to oopen this. See what you can come up with by the time i open this. Well this scosche product is actually comes with an optional, comes with the option to replace the bud colors so you can from gold, chrome, metalic, silver, black, metalic blue and metalic red. So lot’s a choices there,To max.. alright according to them the actual color they called it is gold, dark red, dark blue, chrome, black chrome and the one that it comes with is black. So it’s six different colors in total. What? Is it sealed? It’s sealed… handy scissors.. the first box I haven’t been able to defeat.. according to this box. It actually comes with the up and down button and it also basically it does that hold iPod tripple, double and single click function on it. Next track is double click, previous track is tripple click, play iPod is single click. And it also comes with the volume up and down button like I mentioned and it has an intergrated mic for voice memo, voice control, and hands free conversation. Which means that it’s really made for the iPod or smartphone out there. Did you hurt your fingers? Ooouucch! the box cut me.. I think i have met my match this is the first box I’ve ever had problem opening. And this is actually made for the iPod, iPhone and iPad which is good I means all range possibility of the apple like. Wow and it comes with a very beautiful carrying pouch. Woww those are the extra buds in here. Oh my god they give you actually a lot of different sizes of the earbuds.. so this time we’re gonna get max to test the quality of this. And as usual, I’m gonna reapeat the same song that you did onthe last episode. Starting at the very low … what’s song is it? Can you hear me.. hallo.. it’s eye of the tiger, it’s actually pretty loud. How’s the quality.. the quality is excellent. I mean it does have the same noise isolation as the one that mario tried on on the previous episode but the quality is superb, like the bass just rumbles and amazing. Overall I think these are really great. It wasn’t , when Mario is raising the volume so you din’t like feel like you know it’s really abrupt or anything but it could’ve been because you gradually max the volume. Yeah i don’t want to damage your ears.. But so all and all you get an excellent pair of headset earbuds with funny different choices sizes of the earbuds. It’s interchangeble plaids that you can change, six different colors. How much is this thing? . I believe that accessorygeeks.com send this to us, and it runs for about $49.99 but not bad because it does double as a headset for your phone so you can actually answer calls and end calls for your button. I think that’s not the best part of this review. The best part is one lucky winner random commentor from down below is gonna get a price from accessorygeeks. That’s right.. How they’re getting it.. well if you leave your comment below, you may leave as many as you want, it’ll help you chances of winning. One random youtube commentor will receive a price from accessorygeeks.com, it could range from coupon to giveaway price to actual products themselves and possibly this time even the coupon is gonna be pertaining headset because we are reviewing headset so they do like to keep it a theme. but as always this product is sponsored by accessorygeeks.com.. I’m max.. I’m Mario and we got it from a geek.