Hey guys welcome to another episode of what’s inthe box… sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m Max and this is Mario and we’re here with another mystery product from our sponsor s accessorygeeks.com the daily item today which is still a mystery unknown to us. Mario will unveiling it he’s gonna break the the box first. Let’s see what we have .. oww robotectors .. it’s a robotector. Robotectors these are, Oh cool.. silicone case. Oh my gosh it’s so durable. It makes your phone looks like robot. You dont have the.. oh my god they sent us a real iPhone. No they didn’t.. Yes they did. No it’s a working phone. Holy crap! they sent us a real phone. Alright.. Max do you wanna open one? I’d rather to keep this iPhone. oh yes we do. We always send our item back. Ok then I’ll be opening the robertector and I’ll be looking at what we have here. It’s a good thing they locate it so closely otherwise i don’t think thre’ll be any patern left. They call it the action figure silicone skin. And add charactery the whole phone device. Which is yeah.., it’s really does add chractery When he’s not throwing around.. whit I’m not throwing around. Oh it’ so cute.. want to try it out?. Yes.. we’ll keep it forever, is it only for th iPhone 4? Now we actually also have the iPhone 3Gs and I believe there’s a lot more different variation of the robotector. It’s so cute. So what makes it different from any other silicone case. Well parts from the fact it has a limbs.. and it can gives you the thumbs up.. it has a basic silicone case from i can feel it, it fits really nicely actually which i could imagine because you know, you need it to be snug in order to… actually all the ports are open, your camera, cords open, your audio jack, your audio lock. Cause I speak english i swear.. it’s the accessory lock.. lock it up and down. Touchscreen or your home key, and the the mic and the charging cord. So can you tell me how much this little bad guys go for it? Let me see.. according to invoice they are $19.99 each. Oh ok so you can pick up one of the robotectors silicone cases for the iPhone 4 iPhone 3Gs from accessorygeeks.com for $19.99 and i do believe they also gave us something to give it away. Yup! The giveaway is one lucky random comentor down below will get a special coupon code sent to their inbox, so start commenting down below and you can get one of the special coupon code cause i believe it’s gonna be you know something around silicone cases so you can get this actual robotectors probably cheaper. It’s a mistery item i actually don’t know what the price is..they just kinda roughly detailed it to us, but you know what? It doesn’t hurt to try and leaves us as many coment do like below and one comentor will be selected at random to win and well that’s another episode of what’s in the box? Sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. i’m max..mario and we got it from a geek.