Welcome to the episode of What’s In The Box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m your host Max seen with, Mario. And Uh. You almost forgot me. I almost forgot you, i thought it was the Max show. Umm we have another mystery product from our sponsor so we’re gonna have to find out What’s in the box. Sounds pretty light actually. I see cables. I don’t think this is the item that they want to. Yea i hope its not. And oh there we go, that looks a little bit a little bit better. And we have another phone again. I guess they trust the rest of us again to sent back the last one. This is old omygosh. It’s like the unicorn now. So lets see what we have today. It is the 2.5 mm male to 3.5 mm female headset adapter it is, and black. Oww okay. So I’ll… basicly i guess out of the standard 3.5 mm jack that isn’t compatible with a 2.5 mm. The 2.5 mm. Hold on I have to do this. Hello. Sorry i got flashes of the X-files. But yea like basicly if you have an expensive, i think this if you have an expensive headset that you still wanna use even though you still have an old phone. I don’t see why you would have an expensive headset with an old phone, but. But you know hey, it happens. If you have to choose one of two between other please choose the cellphone instead of a headset. Please upgrade the phone instead of earphones. But anyway it seems pretty easy. This is not much of a review but here, plug this in, you’re set and just plug it to the 2.5 mm jack. Now I’m guessing that the headset that they sent us. Yes ok it is an answer and headset, so we can make phonecalls. I’m gonna call accessorygeeks, our sponsor. Why not. Is 4 6 6 no… should be 1 8 8. Was it 1 8 8? 1 8 8. No, 1 8 6 6 whoops. 1 8 6 6. I can’t use this phone, oh my god 1 8 6 6. Mario has a G2, so going from a G2 to a text pad that only has keys, its very different. 1866-GEEKS-93. Hi Keith this is Max from What’s In The Box we just want to thank you for the product we just received. Its working great the 2.5 mm adapter for a… most headsets and phones. So we’re really lovin’ it and we just wanna thank you. You too bye bye. So it works. So it works just fine. That is.. I think that is the only review that we need to do about this. I think that it pretty much sums it up so. It works and but i think one downside to this. It changes your stereo headset to to mono because only receiving from one end. Yea you know what it looks like a standard stereo headset meaning it will play out of left and right. So it is a bit of a downer that it’ll transform and you don’t even like really have a choice to which side it comes in on. Umm so that a bit of a problem. Yea I, I think it was because the 2.5 mm is made for mono headsets mostly yup. But this is an old technology that, I mean not necessarily need to be burned, but. But you know what some people just want to have a phone that works. So if you have a phone that works and you want a 2.5 mm headset, this will get for you. Umm how much to the, the converters go for? Its actually goes for 9.99 on accessorygeeks.com. Umm not bad, not a bad investment if you have like a hundred dollar headset that you still wanna use with your old phone. Very true, so tell me about what i wanna hear Mario, tell me about the giveaway. You and the giveaways, ok fine. Accessorygeeks just sent me a letter saying that theres gonna be a mystery prize of course as always on every What’s In The Box video. Of course. One lucky commenter from down below just comment down below, random winner will be given or sent a coupon code. Special coupon code that pretains something with wire headset. I know they already have a wire headset coupon for 20%, the coupon wired 20% off. But I believe that prize winner is gonna have a bigger coupon. You know cause the last week winner who you can check the link below they got about up to 50% off on that last one. It was pretty big i was very impressed. Yup. And so don’t forget to leave your comments and that about wraps it up I’m Max. Nope hold on, before that you know the wired headset it actually includes all the headsets. I mean you can get the dj-style headsets for x number percent off. Good to know. So its not only pretaining to these type of headset. Those big ones, the ones that I actually want you can get it you know percentage off. Then you should leave a comment Mario. I’m gonna create a fake, 10 fake accounts. Ok now that Mario clarify that, we need to wrap it up. I’m Max and, Mario and we got from the geek.