Welcome to the another episode of what in the box. I’m Maxine and Mario clearly not in the zone yet. So while Mario is filling around with the iPad.. I’m gonna take advantage of this And open my first box. haha! ok there’s might be a reason why… it’s Mine know.. oh you licked it. I licked my finger..that’s gross! Keep it I don’t want it anymore. but i’ll take your iPad.. I licked that one too. Another pink case. As always accessorygeeks.com provide us with their pink case.. seriously stop sending us back the iPhone 4. We’re gonna keep this.. we’re just gonna keep the phone guys, you know what.. enjoy that.. thanks for the free phone. This is the my charge case by powermat. The powermat known for making the chargers and extended battery cases and really you can expect nothing but the best from powermat. they’re constantly the top of the line for batteries. I’m gonna put this on now.. basically it’s pretty simple you just flip this one back. this top part which is kinda cool cause usually it’s.. most cases like these usually detach on the top. This is you know is attached to the rubber back over here. All you can do is slide it down.. make sure the ports and the charging port are both matches.. Just slide it in. It should fit right in and just snap back into place. At this point right now, this is not turned on yet. I found that there’s a button on the side as soon as you press it. you see it a blue light and then your phone either vibrate or creates a sound that’s saying that it is charged. Also there is a feature that i found pretty cool is basically with this case you switch out the apple connector into a mini USB.. The calbe comes with it as max have it. And what else is good about this case. Well one it will increase your talk time up to ten point six hours. so it practically doubling your battery life. You can take up to 7.5 hours of video and listen to that 30 hours of music. That’s a lot. So one of the problems i noticed is that I drain my battery life really quickly and I have an iPhone 3Gs. So the iPhone 4 has better battery byfar but it’s still isn’t enough for someone like me who’s on it, all day long. Start browsing at work. It’s partly because I browsing my phone at work as Mario so friendly point it out. But this will actually make sure that you not only you get to the day but probably you get to the next day as well. So very nice. Like I can’t tell you how much it means to be the how longer battery life. And I think what max forgot to mention is since this is the case also protect your phone from… that’s true. Not only is it an extended battery it also an extended battery with the case. So you are essentialy getting a two for one deal. Now I’m looking at this glaring bright yellow sticker on the back and it does say important note. So we are gonna tell what this important means. when you are taking a videos or photos with flash be sure take your case off.because if you have a color case like this chances are gonna taint the video. You know what.. I’m gonna make you say this with the british accent. Important note please remove case wich use photos of flash any color case for your iPhone 4 impact the virtue of when using the flash. bravo.. bravo.. thank you.. thank you. Thank you.. but it’s in bright yellow I mean don’t just skip it. Yea don’t ignore it if it there’s there for reason. So we just wann share with you guys so in case you happen to get the powemat case just keep this in mind. And you just keep in mind with any cases really because if you have a metalic case or any kind of case that’s going to reflect light it’s probably going to change the lighting of your photos or videos. Just keep that in mind That’s a tips from us.. how much are these? The powerkey or the mycase from powermat actually goes for $59.99. so not bad for an extended battery as they tend usually go for about $40 for you also getting the case as well. So double your battery life.. double your talk time and protect your phone all the same time. so not bad..I really like it.. if only I have an iPhone 4.oh we have an iPhone 4 now from accessorygeeks. Oh yea.. we’re not giving this back. So now that i have a new iPhone 4, why don’t you tell us what the giveaway of this episode is? I want to stop giving us stuff.. Honestly it’s really hard for us to giveaway think we wanna keep it our selves. Can we just say that we keep it. How about you make ten accounts to spam the comments. Any way as always accessorygeeks that kindly sponsor us items or coupon codes to giveaway so.. it has something to do with the iPhone4. I’m pretty sure the price is gonna be something pertaining iPhone4. Whether the case or battery charger even coupon code for upto 50% off. Up to chose your order, we really don’t know but we know it does pertaining for the iPhone 4. So one lucky random commentor. And you can actually check out the winner from our last weeks video at the link below here and congratulation to them. I hope you enjoy your coupon code and that about something up. your mood just went.. what happen?.. I’m really sad that I don’t keep this iPhone 4. We do, we don’t have to tell them just say it’s missing.. oh… we can’t do it know because it’s on video.. oh damn it.. next time!next time.. anyway I’m Mario.. I’m Max.. we got it from a geek.