Welcome to another episode of what’s in the box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m Max, I’m Mario.. and we have another mystery product from our sponsors. So woww that’s a heavy box. I feel immediately weird.. checking that around. I hope nothing in there is fragile. Woww. I like the sound of that. oowww!! Do we have to give this back. And the phone too, this thing comes back over and over. Over and over again. This is the iColy multi Touch pen works for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad also works with MS windows 7, google android phone, iPad, HTC HD 2, I think any smart phone. works with ebook, navigation system, PMP PDA,or is this the phone. I’m pretty sure those are the older type touch screen and the nintendo ds, actually works with ds. That’s a lot though. Specifically covers almost all phones that you can touch. It is like a pen to me and they come with the key chain so you can attach it to key ring which is pretty cool.Let me see the.. according to them it actually has two tips. One of them is the pen tip over here, I’m worrying where the second tip is.. ok I get it. Are you drawing something? Second tip is more like a brush. It’s softer. Max is gonna just try it out. Sure yea.. definitely. Mario is gonna tell you all of the devices capable with while I’ll do something for you guys. so.. well obviously the soft tips works with the more responsive apple type. or newer respons type of touch screen and according to them it works with any iPhones or any iPod Touches, it works with iPad 1 and then the upcoming iPod 2 and also works with mobile scoop android phones, most HTC devices. I mean as long as max here can show us how it works then it will be awesome. Well any way how much is this? The iColy is actually goes for $ 19.99 at accessorygeeks.com. So it’s really not bad. For a device that’s so universal like mario pointed out. it can work with your ds, works with your iPhone, your iPad, any tablet based or PDA phones you get the whole range here. And works even better is not only accessorygeeks.com send us this but they send us an extra one. And I don’t wanna spoil it but we’ll be giving one away for this episode giveaway. That’s nice.. not bad right?. ten dollars worth of item. $10 dollars product from accessorygeeks.com yours for free so one random commentor below will win the iColy Stylus. So definitely leave lots of comments if you interested. Any comments. I don’t really, really care, it’s a comment. we too don’t really care. But don’t make me cry. I know.. So we’re about to wraps it up. As I drop things, I try to open it with the caps still on it. Give it to me. This is what I’m not allowed to handle a lot of product but that about wraps it up congratulation to our last episode winner, or last week episode winner. so you can check the winner from a last of episode below on the link here. But.. I’m Max. I’m Mario and we got it from a geek.