Welcome to the episode what’s in the box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. As you notice we manage to put way angry birds for a little while longer. So after I install it on my phone I feel a little less snipys. I have it on my phone too. We’re gonna get this episode start of right? We have another mistery product from our sponsor accessorygeeks.com. so let’s get start it. This is super light. We’ve been getting a lot heavy boxes so having the boxes this light it’s actually kinda just concerning. That’s a nice argyle case. But this time they didn’t give us the phone. That’s ok because it fits the 3Gs ok so lucky for them my phone is the 3Gs. Let’s go ahead and test it out. This is really nice. According to the box this is a jack fruit wood. And it looks like this was engraved on. This is really nice Mario. Let me feel it. what’s really nice about engraving that is very shallow dispite to the fact that’s it’s so dark. So The wood it’s self actually provides a really nice high contrast in the design. Yup you can feel the wood texture yes it must be a wood for sure. It’s actually made in Indonesia. That’s country where I from. Very nice..This is beautiful and it smels like a bonefire. and if you in to that. I’m personally I love it geeks. So let’s put this Bad boy in. Does it fit snugly? Fit’s really snugly actually. Wait i don’t think i push it all the way. Ok there you go. Yeah mario. So not bad it’s kind of, it’s a little bulky for my taste. That’s what I notice from the first. It’s just a little bulky but, you know what, it’s beautiful, it’s wood.. It’s stunning all around, I love the argyle design because it’s very classy. It’s not overwhelming either. Argyle is…the design never dies. I have to emphasize again. I love the high contrast of the yellow against the brown. This is really nice and apparently you can get this jack wood cases on accessorygeeks.com for $ 19.99. But if you want the engraved version it’s $ 24.99. so you can get just the plain jack fruit wood if you want. And that case is also there Accessorygeeks has an engraving service for 6.99 I believe they’re the only one that’s doing it. Yeah they’re the only places online that allow you to engrave cellphone cases. All the ports are open. So this is the port for the screen and the on and off button. I have the mirror thing on my case, the mirror screen protector so you might not be able to see it. The volume up and down is accessible I would…I mean I don’t like picking product becasue I feel the 3Gs and very comfortable with my phone. I do have to say I don’t like how thick the cases which comes to getting too your side buttons. So if you have bigger size finger it would be a problem.. So I have really small fingers, it’s not a problematic for me to get that. Mario’s gonna go ahead and try flipping on the .. Yeah you have kinda use your nail actually grab that, yeah that’s a good point. But otherwise I mean it, it’s solid case, it’s wood, it’s beautiful . I don’t know how well it stands up against wearing tears dropping that goes but I mean it looks pretty thick, looks pretty durable, I can go ahead and snap that off. It is a thick case as you can see here. So it should protects your phone just fine. I mean it’s a wood so it seems pretty sturdy. That’s what we review about, what’s the good part. The good part is the giveaway. And we’re actually going to giveaway the actual case. So one lucky commentor if you have the iPhone 3Gs, if you notice someone with iPhone 3Gs. So hey you wanna hang this up on a shelf of somewhere because frankly it’s a gorgeus piece of our art or You just gonna comment on our videos. Ow you guys just gonna comment on our videos and tell us how much you love us… we’re ok with that too. So leave a comment below and you will be entered in a chance to win this iPhone 3Gs case. Yup make sure you check for last week winner down here. Yes and congratulation to last week winner and check out the link below that’s about wraps it up.. I’m Max.. I’m Mario and we got it from a geek.